Mass Responsive Device

The Mass Responsive Device is a generative experiment into the relationship that we have with the way in which we organise our data.

Our relationship with our data reflects our personality in the same way that you may have a clean, tidy home or a cluttered, messy home. To highlight this intriguing question, the Mass Responsive Device was developed, in collaboration with Dennis Paul and Patrick Kocklik from The Product, to create an opportunity for a ‘visual conversation’ with your personal USB Storage Device.

The device reads raw data from text files, image files and even saved code and responds in a way that reflects the way you have organised the information in the storage device’s file structure. Large file-sizes or complex organisation warrant a specific response from the Mass Responsive Device’s which, just like human language, forms the composition and tone of the reply. Other variables warrant other responses but ultimately the purpose of the reply was to provide the translation for your storage device’s ‘voice’.

Along with a physical print-out, the Mass Responsive Device also implants a digital copy on the users storage device. Upon re-insertion it is highly likely the new response would encompass the traces of previous responses. It is up to the user to determine how far they are willing to take the conversation.