Listen to the moods of ‘Twitter’

‘Twitter’ is used as a space for conveying thought and emotion through personal messages on the Internet. These thoughts / tweets are sometimes positive and sometimes negative.

What if you could use these random emotions and feelings to generate music through bird song?

This project parses through a live Twitter stream, looking for specific words (or combinations) which could be related to positivity or negativity of a tweet.

This data (gathered every few seconds) is compared and analysed in order to to calculate the ‘mood’ of twitter. The value for mood is continually mapped onto a linear scale ranging from the negative to positive. By attaching bird songs to each integer of the scale then triggers, for example, the melodious song of a Blackbird for a positive emotion and the cackle of geese for a negative emotion. What results is a menagerie of bird songs, triggered essentially by random tweets.

So perk up your ears and listen to the birds, singing to the swinging moods of Twitter.

(all the code for analysis is written in ‘Processing’)