As a traveler, does your nationality effect your ability to get a tourist visa and therefore your decision of where to go? Which countries require a tourist visa and which regions are more accessible for you when you’re traveling?

OPEN & CLOSE is an application which can help you to answer these questions in a visual and graphical way. It brings the three factors-Visa, Nationality and Region together and visualises the relationship between them.

In the application, each ball presents a country and different colours represent different regions. You can pick the ball of your own country or the country you want to check and then it will move to the centre. The other balls will cluster by region and distribute around it with different distance.

In terms of visa requirements, you can see how open different regions are by checking the openness of the moving ring in the centre and how close they are by their distance to the centre ball.

In more detail, it also shows you which countries require a tourist visa or not and the statistics of different regions. By comparing with people from other countries and you can see the traveler from which country have more freedom of traveling around the world.

The application is done in ActionScript 3.0 and the data is from the website called .