Carbon Dioxide Skyscraper

Carbon Dioxide Skyscraper is a physical data visualisation, using coal to show the amount of emissions from the top 20 emitting countries in the world.

By building up pieces of coal step-by-step from the highest amount of emission to the lowest, the idea is to draw people’s attention to a tangible object instead of incomprehensible numbers. In addition, sounds of construction work and traffic were used in the ambient soundtrack to show that issue relates to human activities (i.e. the burning of fossil fuel and cement manufacture). 

This was a two-week course in data visualisation. The first week was an introduction to data visualisation and Flash Actionscript 3.0. The second week included the implementation and practice of concepts. After reading DataFlow2 (), the author was inspired by the varieties of data shown in different ways, especially the way that tangible representation can translate numbers into a “provocative message” for the people. Therefore, instead of a flash diagram, the author used stop motion animation to interpret data, turning important but complicated statistics into more understandable graphics through information design.