Laura Boffi

Country: Italy
Area of Expertise: Product Design

A product designer from Italy, Laura Boffi likes to reflect on her reactions to other people and to her surroundings – and realises that she might never be able to take the middle path. Through design, she has learned to deal with her personal view of experiencing life and how to benefit from it. She graduated in Industrial Design in Turin with the design of a tsunami safety vest.

Then she moved to Eindhoven (The Netherlands), where she was awarded her MA in Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven. This was a turning point for Laura because the distance from her home in Italy and the people she met and worked with in Eindhoven, influenced her attitude towards design. At that time she started to become interested in alternative uses of technology and culture driven innovation, especially when technology interfaces with symbolic domains of human experience: such as being distant; loosing people; and being ill.

When she returned to Italy, she came across few possibilities open to designers who want to invest in research. Somebody saw in her interest in alternative applications of technology and thought she might be a good candidate for a position at designing a new soldiers suit. She took this as a sign of destiny, “It might not be the right time for me to be here” – and without being too disappointed, moved again, this time to London, where she worked on a theatre project at the Architectural Association.

She made the decision to enroll at CIID to focus more deeply on her research on the interspaces where technology capabilities overlap with human values, feelings and needs.

Laura hopes to go back to Rome after the course, to be with her own family and keep on designing around her research focus.