Jennifer Kay

Country: Scotland
Area of Expertise: Service/Social Design

Jennifer hails from Glasgow, Scotland where she studied Product Design, blended with Service + Interaction Design at Glasgow School of Art. Her education in Product Design was steered not by the wants and desires of the user but more by the needs and aspirations of people in every context. This empathic design thinking was the motivation for several social projects within Glasgow, including the mental health care service and community regeneration. Technology was the key touchpoint within these solutions: exploring tangible user interface and its use in the public realm. It was this that augmented a keen interest into the latent potential of technology, especially within public space.

Then, as if by magic, Jennifer stumbled across CIID. The Interaction Design Programme is the next step in her adventure as she seeks to explore the language and behaviour we share with the environments around us. User research has always been integral to Jennifer’s process and she loves nothing more than delving deep into an experience to find opportunities.

When not avidly engaged with the metaphors of experience, Jennifer can be found on the dance floor with her first love, Disco! She looks forward to collaborating and learning within the CIID environment.