Gizem Boyacioglu

Country: Turkey
Area of Expertise: Material Science and Engineering

Through the completion her studies in materials science and engineering in the city of Istanbul, Gizem advanced her science knowledge of polymers, ceramics and composite materials, which had already began to form at a science high school.

After graduating from college she began to work for Toyota Motor Europe where she was organising the textile side of vehicle projects, starting from design to the beginning of mass production, as well assisting concept vehicle projects from a textiles point of view. This experience reformed her skills of design process planning and built up her knowledge of production systems.

After three years of working in the automotive industry, Gizem decided that time was passing too quickly. She couldn’t resist the internal pressure of curiosity so took a career break from Toyota and in 2008, began to explore industrial design at UMEA Institute of Design in Sweden to see what would happen if she combined engineering with design.

Gizem was excited about being able to implement her materials knowledge via products, realising that many problems can be resolved at the design stage. While in UMEA, she also had the chance to taste a number of interaction design projects.