Dean McNamee

Country: USA
Area of Expertise: Software Engineering

Dean grew up with a guitar, drum-set, and computer. When it was time to go to University, the most practical choice won. He shipped himself off to cold, cold Canada to study software engineering in Montreal. There, he began writing opensource software, researching different areas of software and speaking at conferences.

He has a wide range of professional experience, including working in consultancies, startups, and not so startups. In 2006, he had the privilege of landing at Google. His first major project was to help steer users away from viruses and malicious software on the web. In 2007, he migrated to working on the super secret new browser, Google Chrome. This transformed his thinking from building software to building a product. He took a break from ones and zeros to travel around Southeast Asia for half a year, returning to work on Chrome in 2008 and 2009.

Despite spending too much time in front of a computer, he still loves the opportunity to work with his hands. He’s recently been a bit addicted to working on bicycles.