The course was made up of two parts. ‘Video Techniques’ and ‘Approaches to Prototyping’. Each day combined both elements in the form of lectures, exercise sessions and discussions. The course comprised of a series of mini exercises to expose the students to various methods and creative styles. Though there was plenty of room for creative expression, the main focus of this course was to build proficiency in handling video and knowing how and when to apply it as a prototyping tool. The course approached film making as a sketching method and enabled students to build empathetic and functional narrative with video.

Prototyping approaches and strategies.

Exercise #1 & 2
Shooting video, capturing and editing.

Exercise #3
Creating storyboards and incorporating design features.

Exercise #4
Representing concepts as an improvised and low fidelity video.

Exercise #5
Prototyping a service concept as a high fidelity empathetic scenario.