This two-week course consisted of instruction in physical computing, presentations of relevant work, exercises, a longer project, and a final presentation / critique.

Exercise 1
Students created a physical interface to an on-screen application. A video game was provided which responds to simple commands from an Arduino board. They built an input device for the game, exploring the new interface and game-play opportunities provided by physical computing.

Exercise 2
Students worked in pairs to build an object which expresses a particular emotion, using motors and other actuators. It could respond to people, environmental conditions, or other stimuli.

Exercise 3
Students connected their input devices from exercise 1 and their output devices from exercise 2. They learned how these devices can communicate on both a technical and design level.

Exercise 4
This two-day exercise built on the work and interests of the students.

Final Project
In the second week, students work on a larger project.