Care Circle

Care Circle is a mobile application aimed at guiding and assisting adults responsible for caring for children in post-disaster scenarios.

After a disaster, many families are displaced from their homes and find themselves in temporary shelters. Adults are busy with the urgent tasks at hand. Children find themselves in this chaotic and stressful situation, full of doubts and fears.

Caring for a group of children in such a situation can be a daunting task especially for a non-professional. This application aims at quickly and easily providing caretakers with the essential guidance they need to help them engage and interact with children of various ages.

The adult focussed section of Care Circle explains the areas that the caretaker should address following a disaster, such as explaining to the child the facts of what has happened in an appropriate manner, relieving anxiety about whether the current circumstances are permanent etc.

Care Circle also contains a host of games, tools and content aimed at children. There is informational and educational content for the caretaker to share with the child. There are a number of meaningful games for different age groups that are entertaining while at the same time engage children in activities that help them recover from the disaster.