“Everyone has three lives: a public life, a private life and a secret life” – Gabriel García Márquez

Mnemo is a new software application that helps you remember, re-remember and curate those special moments in your life. Mnemo creates a personal and private space behind your desktop, that lets you organise and peruse your memories in an intuitive and beautiful way, imitating the experience of navigating an art gallery or museum.

Mnemo was created as a response to a world awash in information – in files, mp3s, pictures and video – every moment can be captured in space, every experience reproduced in video, every song heard over and over again. In a world full of memories, how do we distinguish the important ones? The ones that really matter? The ones too important or too intimate for Facebook?

Using the metaphor of an art gallery or private collection, Mnemo prompts you to reflect over what is truly worth saving and allows you to curate and view your memories in a way that is meaningful to you.