Industry Projects

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) is an international hub of creative minds. We create impact through the design of innovative products, services and environments.

The Industry Projects are part of the Interaction Design Programme curriculum and provide an opportunity for businesses from all sectors to work together with our multi-disciplinary students and expert facilitators. The Industry Projects allow you to tap into a pool of world-class talent that provides you with new thinking in response to challenges of your own interest.

We have run successful Industry Projects with Barclays, DSB, Electrolux, IKEA, Intel, Lego, littleBits, Maersk, Nokia, Novo Nordisk, Orange, Philips, and Velux.


For two intensive weeks, the goal is to co-create new concepts. These can be products, services and/or strategies.
– 12 CIID students
– 2 Expert Facilitators (selected specifically for the collaboration)
– 2 Weeks
– Proven process: Intense & effective, based on prototyping, making and co-creation.
– Concrete deliverables and documentation


– Meeting and working with world class students who are highly employable in the context of design and innovation.

– Gaining new perspective and knowledge around the suggested brief.

– Engagement throughout the project provides insight and ensures that participants are inspired by the design process, not just the final ideas.

– Three to five specific early prototyped concepts.

– Documentation (including videos) for communication to management and colleagues.

– Exposure to the extensive, international CIID Network.

The aim of the collaboration is to inspire new directions and opportunities on an inspiring topic of your choice. The brief is initiated by you and shaped in collaboration with the CIID team. CIID Education benefits from answering a challenging brief which provides an engaging and inspiring real world perspective to keep the programme aligned with actual industry and market needs.

The final concepts will establish a starting point for discussions and considerations for further development internally or as a spin-off project supported by CIID.

If you are interested in working together, please contact us. You would be expected to contribute no more than 20 hours in total (5 to prepare and 15 to attend the workshop).

We charge a fixed fee for Industry Projects working with 12 students and faculty.


‘The value that Intel  gets as a company out of this kind of project is an opportunity to think in a dedicated way about a problem that we don’t have time to think about on our own.Jay Melican – Intel

“In Future Lab we constantly seek external inspiration to support our efforts of inventing future creative LEGO play. Our interactions with CIID design talents have been enlightening and energising and have helped us shape a deeper understanding of future opportunities for supporting our mission of inspiring and developing the builders of tomorrow.” Erik Hansen – Senior Director, Inventions and Insights Future Lab. LEGO System A/S

“Four concepts, that to me were all brilliant. The quality was high. It was amazing. None of them solved the brief in the way I had in mind. it was great inspiration for me.” Mikkel Fuhr – DSB Danish Railways