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CIID Digital Learning is an educational platform that provides the tools and skills to implement life-centered innovation strategies on an individual and organisational level. All workshops are live, online and led by world-class experts and taught under the umbrella of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Digital Learning experience is comprised of a range of diverse, curated workshops built upon a foundation of rapid prototyping and design thinking. Participants from around the world will collaborate through a hands-on approach to learning, facilitated by leading international practitioners. The programme empowers individuals with the tools and skills for successful innovation and design. Our workshops are not designed to create solutions for a particular issue, but rather for the participants to acquire new approaches and competencies that will allow them to embrace future challenges in a novel way, with confidence. It’s a transformational experience, compressed in a very short time.

Who should join?

We are looking for individuals with a passion for learning and the drive to apply their newly acquired knowledge to their work and life. We follow a ‘learning by doing’ philosophy. Previous knowledge of interaction design is not required as we believe that an appetite for trying new things, and a willingness to work collaboratively is more important than prior knowledge or relevant work experience.

Are you interested in learning new skills, discussing big issues, and thinking about what you can do to help solve them? CIID Digital Learning workshops provide a world-class education in life-centred design while embracing new technologies that can accelerate the pace of innovation in your work and daily life.

We are pleased to formally offer this programme of CIID Digital Learning: live, online workshops that uniquely incorporate hands-on physical experiences and peer-to-peer collaboration.

When: Multiple dates
Where: Online
For whom: These workshops are open to everyone. Individuals from all over the world, of all backgrounds and all levels of experience are welcome to join. Workshops are open to participants from age 16 and up. Workshop descriptions will state if any specific skills are required.
Language: All workshops are taught in English.
Participation Fee: 850 USD (approx. 715 Euros) per workshop at the regular fee. Read more about the Fees.

Costa Rican citizens may be eligible for financial support toward our digital workshops. More information will follow soon.

Structure: The programme has been designed for you to build your own curriculum based on your interests. Each weeklong workshop is a standalone module; please consult the individual workshop pages for more information. Additional networking activities may be scheduled during the week.
 Topics: Explore the workshops here. All workshops are taught using the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Click here for more information about the SDGs.
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There are 24 spots available for each workshop, assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications will be closed when the workshops are full. Workshops may be cancelled if they don’t reach a minimum of 10 participants; if so, you will be offered a spot in another workshop or a voucher for the equivalent amount toward a future workshop.

Read more about the enrolment process here.