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Life-Centered Design Series

Thursday, 26th Nov 2020


It is our pleasure to invite you to the ‘Life-Centred Design’ dialogue series.

Monday, 30 November
0900hrs (CST – Central America) / 1600hrs (CET – Copenhagen)

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In 2020, CIID has embarked on a journey collectively with our students, teachers, alumni and extended network to apply a cross-disciplinary approach to design in harmony with nature. With CIID’s move to Costa Rica we have an incredible opportunity to start the dialogue with local experts from various domains.

We aim to feature inspiring panel discussions and talks where we ask ourselves – how might we encompass not just people, but also the environment we live in and the other organisms with which we share it?

Our first installment of our CIID Life Centered Design dialogue will be an hour-long virtual event with three guest speakers from Costa Rica who play an active role in shaping visions of life-centred urban environments, namely:

Irene Garcia Brenes – Advisor to the Mayor of Curridabat Municipality, Sweet City Project
Federico Cartin – Fundador & Director General, Rutas Naturbanas
Camille Garnier – Ecological buildings and biocities

We look forward to seeing you on zoom!


Wednesday, 17th Jun 2020

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Welcome to the second round of CIID Digital Lightning Talks—a live, online experience for the CIID community, and an integral part of our new Digital Learning platform. This time, we’re opening up the talks to the public, and we invite you to share this information with your network as a way to discover what CIID Digital Learning is all about.

Join us on Wednesday, June 17, from 15:00–16.00 CET for a stellar lineup of speakers from the CIID network, sharing some of their recent work or a topic they’re deeply passionate about in a series of informal 7-minute talks.

Meet the speakers:

Shu Yang Lin
Co-Founder, PDIS innovation hub
“eMask Ordering System: Mapping for Public Health in Taiwan”

Peijing Teh
Head, Strategic Planning, Singapore Economic Development Board
“Mindfulness & Kindness for Control Freaks”

Annelie Berner
Interaction Design Researcher + Data Artist, CIID
“Integrating Ethics into Design”

Francesca Desmarais
Interaction Design Lead + Environmental Strategist, CIID
“Speaking Different Languages: 3 Ways to Translate Climate Data”

Please register here to receive your unique Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMpcOirpjMoH9xDbNq1F0sLtCYHAZdrD5i2

We look forward to seeing you!

Open Lecture: Sara Krugman

Wednesday, 23rd Oct 2019


 Human Led Design and Artificial Pancreas Systems: built by people who use them

When you make things that matter to you, it turns out that they matter to other people too. Sara Krugman will share the story of how she has been involved in bringing better user experience design to the healthcare industry and more specifically within the world of diabetes technology. She will share her personal story with the open source artificial pancreas system – how it came to be, what impact it has had on individuals, groups of people and large systems and companies like the FDA and Medtronic.

When: Wednesday October 23rd 2019, 17-18.

Where: CIID, Toldbodgade 37B, Ground Floor, 1253 Copenhagen K.

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Open Lecture: Margaret Shear

Tuesday, 27th Aug 2019


Face the Strange: Managing Yourself and Others Through Change

As a designer working today, you’ve almost definitely had to confront change in some capacity. Maybe you’ve changed jobs or teams recently. Perhaps your organization is feeling the effects of a recent industry transformation. Regardless of the context, change can be one of life’s biggest stressors and can be deeply disorienting.

Fortunately, as designers, some of our most inherent traits make us natural leaders, ready to guide teams through uncertainty. This talk will offer tactics you can use to overcome the challenges associated with organizational change and help you flip the script from being paralyzed to energized by it.

Margaret Shear is an independent creative director based in New York City. With a background in interaction design and design research, she has collaborated with a wide range of industries and organizations to develop new products and services from strategy to pixel. From 2016–2018, she worked internally as Design Director at Condé Nast to establish a new practice of human-centered design within a legendary cultural institution facing massive disruption within the media industry.

When: Tues. August 27th 2019, 17-18.

Where: CIID, Toldbodgade 37B, Ground Floor, 1253 Copenhagen K.

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Open Lecture: Dianna Miller

Tuesday, 20th Aug 2019

Are We Ready to Design for Alternative Economies?

It is estimated that nearly 30% of the US population over the age of 65 is “aging alone” without the support of local family. Community-based economic models—where seniors are socially connected and can maintain reciprocal, trusted relationships—could lessen the burdens to care organizations and resulting costs to society. As creators of new potentialities, how might designers add value to initiatives aimed at addressing social-systems challenges such as this?

Transition Design is an area of scholarly inquiry that proposes how to design for alternative socio-economic and political paradigms. Designers will need to adopt new knowledge, skills, and awareness to demonstrate rigor when working alongside experts in the social sciences and adjacent fields if we are to meaningfully contribute to research and project work of this nature. This talk explores examples of challenges that aging individuals face, opportunities for design to add value to senior care initiatives, and roles that designers might assume as contributors to the development of new community-based models of care.

Dianna Miller is an associate professor in the School of Design at Syracuse University.  From 2012-2014, she was a design strategist on innovation teams at Fidelity Labs, an applied research unit of Fidelity Investments and a corporate fellow of the Stanford d.School. During that time, she became interested in the complexities of designing services that support individuals’ transformations over the life course. She is currently conducting design research looking at how to support stronger interdependent community connections among aging adults in Central New York State.

When: Tues. August 20th 2019, 17-18.

Where: CIID, Toldbodgade 37B, Ground Floor, 1253 Copenhagen K.

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