Encouraging Girls in Technology

Monday, 5th Apr 2021



Read the article on La Republica (in Spanish) 

By Melissa González melissagonzalez.asesora@larepublica.net | Monday April 05, 2021

Ana Acevedo’s final project is called Luci Lab and consists of a mixed reality experience for girls between 8 and 10 years old. It seeks to awaken curiosity in topics related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). By building physical prototypes and interacting with voice-driven AR characters, girls can explore in a fun way and work on their self-confidence with the help of the main storyteller Luci.

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CIID Virtual Exhibition @ The Museum of Interactivity

Tuesday, 23rd Mar 2021


CIID Interaction Design Programme 2020-21 

Virtual Exhibition @ The Museum of Interactivity 

The live event is closed, but visit the museum here!

Friday, March 26th (Live for 3 hours):  07:00-10:00 San Francisco (PDT — Pacific Daylight Time) / 08:00-11:00 Costa Rica / 15:00-18:00 Denmark / 19:30-22:30 India / 22:00-01:00 Singapore / Hong Kong 23:00:02:00 Japan

The Museum of Interactivity will showcase final projects from the graduates from our inaugural Interaction Design Programme (IDP) in Costa Rica.

Covering environmental and social issues, art, education and the extension of the human senses – the projects demonstrate the multi-disciplinary, exploratory, and potentially disruptive nature of Interaction Design.

This is a fantastic opportunity to be inspired by projects that have taken a life-centered approach in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals – and to meet and network with the designers (who will be available on zoom/hangout) in real-time. 

We hope that these projects won’t stop at this exhibition and that some of these concepts  will transform into actual products and services that will impact positively on people and the planet.

The Museum of Interactivity (MoI) is a virtual space that collects past and present ideas about interaction design. The MoI wants to be a place of inspiration for the next generation of creators of interactions. If you were not able to make it to the live virtual exhibition the projects will remain up on the link above.


Find out more about the Interaction Design Programme and admissions: http://ciid.dk/education/interaction-design-programme/


If you are not able to make it to the live virtual exhibition the projects will remain up on the MoI and will be posted on the CIID website after the live event.

Celebrate Arduino’s Birthday with CIID

Tuesday, 23rd Mar 2021


Arduino Day is a worldwide birthday celebration of Arduino – organized directly by the community together with the Arduino team. It brings people together to share their experiences and learn more about the open-source platform.

CIID will be hosting two types of events on Saturday, March 27th.

You can select which one you’d like to attend here!

1. Global Virtual Arduino Event:

Time: 8:00 am to 11:30 am
A fast-paced, fun series of talks by recent graduates and faculty of the Interaction Design Programme who will share some of their physical computing and connected objects projects done over the past year. Some of the projects are experimental and others are meant to create a more meaningful dialogue. Either way, we hope to inspire and share knowledge with those who are interested in prototyping and the tangibility of technology.

2. In-Person Arduino Event

Time: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm
We are offering a limited amount of seats for people to join us at the CIID studio in Costa Rica to meet some of the team, watch the talks – and take a look at our digital fabrication lab which has been generously supported by the CRUSA Foundation.

Come and see our space, bring a mask, enjoy some good snacks and drinks in our beautiful court-yard – and maybe even try out some of the tools and machines!

Due to COVID protocols we are offering a limited amount of seats. If you sign up and are unable to join, please let us know so we can free your spot.


Come and see this year’s final projects

Wednesday, 17th Feb 2021


Date: Saturday, 27th February

Time: 11am – 7pm

Location: CIID House, Bario Escalante, San José, Costa Rica

Waze: https://waze.com/ul/hd1u0x003u

Please bring: Your mask and headphones

Sign-up here!


We are excited to announce that we will celebrate the first students to graduate from the Interaction Design Programme (IDP) in Costa Rica at the end of February. After an intense curriculum, 26 talented designers from all over the world will demonstrate their new found knowledge and skill-sets through their Final Exhibition.

This exhibition will showcase a wide range of design solutions through an impressive collection of tangible and visual prototypes. Covering environmental and social issues, art, education and the extension of the human senses – the projects will demonstrate the multi-disciplinary, exploratory, and potentially disruptive nature of Interaction Design.

Many of the projects take a life-centered approach and have considered the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We hope that these projects won’t stop at this exhibition and that people will continue to develop their concepts into actual products and services that will impact positively on people and the planet.

To ensure the safety of our guests and graduates, we need to limit the number of visitors in the building to 25 per hour so it is vital that you sign up with the time you and your guests would prefer to attend. If there are no spaces for that time, we will offer you another possibility.

Each session will start on the hour (e.g. 11am, 12, 1pm, 2pm etc) and you will have 45 minutes to see the projects inside the studio. We then encourage you to visit our garden where you will see the remainder of the projects and enjoy a refreshment.

If you are not able to attend the exhibition in person, you will still have the opportunity to see the work as we will be hosting a virtual exhibition at the end of March.

In real-life or virtually – we hope you can join us to experience the projects and meet our talented designers.


Safety Protocol:

The exhibition will comply with COVID19 guidelines to ensure the safety of our guests and students:

  • Before entering, someone from the CIID team will take your temperature and give you hand sanitizer.
  • The layout of the well-ventilated space will be one-way, leading towards the garden.
  • Please respect any signs on the tables/floor when interacting with a project.
  • We will limit the number of guests in the space at any one time to avoid crowds.
  • We will respect a minimum of 2m distance between projects.
  • The projects will be sanitized between visitors and the tables/floors cleaned every hour.


Saturday, 6th Feb 2021


Worn around the neck, the BioCollar has been designed to help plant owners better understand the needs of their plants by delivering real-time feedback

Written By: Serafina Basciano

Spotted: The term “Plant Parent” has become a standard term in a millennial’s everyday vocabulary. However, many people still struggle to take care of their plants because there are many factors that contribute to plant health. Designed by students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, the BioCollar wants to be an intermediary between plants and humans. Worn around the neck, it aims to build empathy between the wearer and their plant.

Read the full article on Springwise.com

IXDA Shortlist! – Camino del Perezoso (Sloth Path)

Monday, 28th Dec 2020

Camino del Perezoso (Sloth Path) from Interaction Design Association on Vimeo.

Congratulations to Herin Haramoto, Julian Jimsa, Sammy Creeger and Nina Shenoy – the designers of Camino del Perezoso (Sloth Path). Camino del Perezoso is a sustainable certification standard that connects museums, gastronomical hubs, small businesses and nature all together into a connected network of paths across the city for you to explore.

The concept was born out of the Interaction Design Programme 2020’s Service Design class which – taught by Ana Domb, Andrea Mignolo, Anna Hartley and Mariana Prieto – focussed on the topic of resilient tourism.

Vote for the project to get the IXDA’s People’s Choice Award.

Good Things Fest

Monday, 7th Dec 2020


This year’s Interaction Design Programme participants were invited to submit projects to the Good Things Fest.

This is part of Things.con (a global initiative to explore and promote the development of fair, responsible, and human-centric technologies for the IoT and beyond).

The virtual event will run from 7-11th December, and also includes a Talent Tuesday where among other great work, you will have the chance to see the Internet of Plants project by CIID IDP participants Mohit Choudhary, Nitin Surendran & Sachin Jose(pictured below).


The Internet of Plants

The Internet of Plants

Life-Centered Design Series

Thursday, 26th Nov 2020


It is our pleasure to invite you to the ‘Life-Centred Design’ dialogue series.

Monday, 30 November
0900hrs (CST – Central America) / 1600hrs (CET – Copenhagen)

Register here!

In 2020, CIID has embarked on a journey collectively with our students, teachers, alumni and extended network to apply a cross-disciplinary approach to design in harmony with nature. With CIID’s move to Costa Rica we have an incredible opportunity to start the dialogue with local experts from various domains.

We aim to feature inspiring panel discussions and talks where we ask ourselves – how might we encompass not just people, but also the environment we live in and the other organisms with which we share it?

Our first installment of our CIID Life Centered Design dialogue will be an hour-long virtual event with three guest speakers from Costa Rica who play an active role in shaping visions of life-centred urban environments, namely:

Irene Garcia Brenes – Advisor to the Mayor of Curridabat Municipality, Sweet City Project
Federico Cartin – Fundador & Director General, Rutas Naturbanas
Camille Garnier – Ecological buildings and biocities

We look forward to seeing you on zoom!

COMING SOON from CIID Education

Monday, 17th Aug 2020

An exciting new educational programme from CIID—an 8-week deep dive into key themes within life-centred design.

Over the course of 2 months, participants will explore critical skills in systems thinking, futures, anticipatory design, and experience design. They will be guided and mentored by leading designers who work at the frontlines of emerging technologies, design, and innovation, as well as experts in the given theme. Each module is focused on one theme within a specific geographic location; our first programme launches in Copenhagen in early 2021.

This programme is for experienced designers and creative technologists with strong design skills and 3+ years professional work. This is a mid-career program, designed to re-energise your creative juices, supercharge networking, and strengthen the critical skills necessary for designers to engage in today’s world.

Be among the first to know about our 8-Week programme launching in Copenhagen in early 2021, by signing up below.

Join CIID & Atölye Academy for an exercise in Climate Fiction Prototyping

Monday, 29th Jun 2020

200626_AcademyHostsCIID-uyarlamalar_Facebook Event copy

This Wednesday, July 1st get a taste of CIID’s upcoming Designing for Climate Adaptation workshop with an exercise in ‘Climate Fiction Prototyping’ led by co-faculty & Interaction Design Lead Francesca Desmarais. Hosted by our friends at Atölye Academy, Francesca and CIID’s Co-founder and Director Simona Maschi will utilise the case of a local Turkish industry that faces significant risks from climate impacts to drive the webinar and guide participants.

Learn more and register to save your place: https://akademi.atolye.io/en/events/academyhosts-ciid/

And learn more about Francesca’s Designing for Climate Adaptation workshop: http://ciid.dk/education/digital-learning/workshops/designing-for-climate-adaptation/