Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design offers a unique and hybrid work environment.

The various activities span across innovation projects, research, education and entrepreneurship. Our studio is a busy place, providing the opportunity to meet and collaborate with a wide range of professionals, academics and companies from all around the world. The official working language is English but CIID represents people from a variety of nationalities and cultures.

We believe in continuous learning by doing. A high level of professionalism and team work is expected, and we look for highly-motivated people with a sense of adventure to jump in and grow with us.

We are not currently looking to fill any specific roles. Please sign up to the CIID Pulse Mailing List to hear about job and internship opportunities as and when they arise.


Research Residency

The Research Residency Programme (RRP) at CIID is geared towards involving creative individuals with our current and prospective research activities. The RRP provides opportunities for both emerging and established designers and technologists to develop and enrich their research practices within our unique team of researchers and creative environment. Research Residents are provided workspace at CIID, access to prototyping facilities (digital, media production, industrial design), the chance to participate in an international lecture series and an opportunity to be part of our vibrant community and network of researchers, creators, practitioners and thinkers.

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. More information: