Yasaman Sheri

Monday, 10th Aug 2015


Future Senses
With the ever increasing pace of technological advancements in computer vision and biotechnology, our concept of materials, tools and processes are shifting and widening to accommodate for new kinds of sensory experiences. While it might be easy to use such tools to carry on with old paradigms, it becomes an important time for designers to cultivate a curious and critical mind in order to continue redefining desirable futures.

When we alter our senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touch, what kinds of objects and environments will we optimize for? What will it be like to redesign the sense of taste, smell or touch? Yasaman will explore in her talk methods and examples on probing with new technologies and what it might be like to design for a sensory future.

Yasaman Sheri is a Designer interested in how humans interact with objects and environments that surround them. She works with new technologies to explore possible and becoming futures. With a background in industrial design, her focus lies around materials ,objects, how they are created and the way we interact with them. She has lead design programs such as the Graduate Studies Program at NASA Ames Research Center, while working with Autodesk, Google and IDEO. She is currently designing Holographic Interfaces for Microsoft Hololens and Windows Holographic in Redmond, WA.

When: Monday, August 10th – 5-6pm


Toldbodgade 37b
Copenhagen, 1253