Yasaman Sheri

Tuesday, 6th Jun 2017


In Dialogue with the Sciences

The 21st century has blossomed to grant us with technological advancements in computer vision, augmentation, synthetic biology and artificial intelligence. Naturally, we are inclined to ask questions around ownership, control, and the limits of machine, nature and human alteration. As we expand tracking, build autonomous machines, push intelligence and redefine our living materials, we challenge the boundary of what is human, machine or nature and venture in to a new world of moral landscape. What new forms will we give to represent the world when we augment our perceptual apparatus? When we alter our senses, perception, ecology and urban landscape, what kinds of systems will be inclined to create and what ethical implications might we stumble upon? The new era of design requires us to cultivate a curious and critical mind to help facilitate important conversations among other disciplines and begin bridging gaps with not only computer science but also social and life sciences.

Yasaman Sheri is a Designer and Researcher who works with new technologies to explore possible and becoming futures. Her research focuses on Life Sciences, Synthetic Sensing and Augmentation.

When: Tue, June 6th 2017, 5 PM.
Where: CIID, Ground Floor

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