Soomi Park

Wednesday, 11th Feb 2015


Transitive Wearables: Beyond the human body and wearable technology

Following the recent evolution of fast growing digital technology, wearable technology becomes a larger opportunity for growth in stimulating a public desire to get closer to natural human-computer interactions. However, existing wearable technologies on the market often suffer from such criticisms that it is only technology not a design. This talk discusses what will be beyond the current wearable field by looking at speculative design practices that explore future scenarios of the potentials of human body when it adopts emerging technologies. 

Soomi Park is a speculative designer and multimedia artist based in London, United Kingdom and Seoul, Korea. Currently, she is studying her Ph.D in Media and Arts Technology (MAT) in School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at the Queen Mary, University of London. She received her first MA in Digital Media Design from International Design school for Advanced Studies (IDAS) Hong-Ik University in Seoul, and recently completed her second MA in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London.

Her work encompasses a wide range of mediums, including interactive installations, films and wearables. Through her works she is exploring the concept of new emotions emerging from our fast changing society.

She has taught at universities and workshops about design, art and wearable technology in South Korea and Europe. Her work has been included in several exhibitions around the world, such as Queen Elizabeth Prize of Engineering and Ars Electonica. She is researching and exploring the relationship between the human body and technologies at her design consultancy, ReFlexLab in London.

Copenhagen Institute Of Interaction Design ApS
37 Toldbodgade
1253 Copenhagen

When: Weds, Feb 11th, 2014 – 5-6pm

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