Simone Rebaudengo

Tuesday, 27th Jun 2017


~6 hours in the future

There is a lot of talk recently about WeChat and its infinitely nested services, the crazy e-commerce products and platforms, the digital treasures of the markets of Shenzhen and the fast pace of evolution of infrastructures and businesses happening in the the megacities in China. Even fiction writers are asking for the need of a new literally genre, the “ultra-unreal”, to describe how Modern China surpassed every fictional scenario. In this talk Simone Rebaudengo will share a little piece of this ‘future’ or ‘parallel present’, stories and projects from his experience as design consultant and as part of working and designing ~6 hours in the future.

When: Tue, June 27th 2017, 5 PM.
Where: CIID, Ground Floor

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