Seeking Optimists for a Brighter Future

Monday, 31st Dec 2018


We may not have much sunshine this time of year, but the night sky will be erupting with bright lights. For six days a year, fireworks are legal in Denmark, and in typical fashion, Copenhageners go big.

The all-night pyrotechnic blowout can feel like a personal celebration for us here at CIID, as we thank our partners—companies and organisations with whom we worked in 2018—for doing such inspiring work, and watch our graduating class ship off as newly minted interaction designers.

There were so many firsts this year:

  1. We brought our summer school to Kochi, India in partnership with the Kerala Startup Mission and other educational programmes to six different countries, including Costa Rica and Greece.
  2. We did a deep dive with Cookpad to find ways to make home cooking more fun.

  3. We peered into the near future and designed meaningful interactions in social VR with Mozilla’s Hubs team, helping them prototype ways to unlock the creativity of the 3D internet community.

  4. We explored the power of design when applied to ethics and inclusion and tackled a broad spectrum of modern challenges through machine learning and AI and mixed reality.

  5. With the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals always in our sights, we focused on partnerships with forward-thinking companies looking to make real impact in both the near and the long-term.

  6. Knowing that the planetary disruptions we feel are real and ineradicable, we created a foundation to act on climate adaptation, led by Francesca Desmarais. In 2019, we hope to partner with organisations who are tackling big questions like how might we help reduce the vulnerability that humans will feel as a result of climate change?

Though we doubt Denmark will become a summer paradise anytime soon, it’s clear that we have to transform from being people-centred to being life-centred to protect this place we call home.

And while we have no crystal ball, we are eternal optimists: We expect 2019 to be a year when companies and individuals use the power of designers and technology to push for progress, create breakthrough ideas, and bring some of Denmark’s happy way of living to people everywhere.

Nice to meet you, 2019! Let’s build something together.