Save the date! IDP 2016 Final Exhibition

Tuesday, 18th Oct 2016


We are honoured to invite to you to our Final Exhibition which will celebrate the hard work and creativity of this year’s Interaction Design Programme students.

CIID’s ‘learning by doing’ approach demonstrates a wide range of solutions through an impressive collection of tangible and visual prototypes. Our students have followed an intense curriculum and the Final Exhibition sets out to reflect their new found knowledge and skill-sets.

The 24 final projects will demonstrate the multi-disciplinary, exploratory and potentially disruptive nature of Interaction Design and Service Design.

We hope that the projects won’t stop at this exhibition and that people will continue to develop their concepts into actual products and services that will impact positively on the lives of those they are designed for.

When: December 9 (4-8pm) & December 10 (12-6pm)
Where: At the CIID Studio

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the exhibition!

Sign up if you want to join the opening night.