BALTHAZAR – Advisory Board and co-creation of good Senior life

The Balthazar project, funded by the Danish Ministry of Education and Research, aims to make older adults and younger people meet and work together around projects with a positive impact on society and that need knowledge and skills from both parties to happen.

Balthazar project facilitates intergenerational encounters and project-based collaborations throughout several workshops and activities.

The Intergenerational group is made up by:

Generation #1, already retired persons and soon-to-retire ones which would like to engage into societal challenges and to be part of an intergenerational team.

Generation #2, design researchers and students whose interest and practice focuses on social innovation.

Generation #1 participants are now member of the Balthazar Advisory Board for senior good life (BAB): an organism whose members are Balthazar-trained people willing to collaborate on ageing related projects.

The whole Balthazar experience and the results achieved has been documented and communicated through an interactive magazine. Download the “CIID Exposed” App to activate the videos associated with the pictures in the magazine.


  • FabLab Copenhagen – Valby KulturHus
  • AeldreSagen

and with the support of KVINFO