Reflection In Action

Reflection In Action is a personal project of Helle Rohde and Eilidh Dickson who both work in CIID’s consultancy. It started when Eilidh was advising Helle on her thesis project on the Interaction Design Programme at CIID. The two of them had many, long, curious and insightful discussions where many ideas emerged about the world of design practice, the methods used and the challenges that accompany it.

Both of them wanted a place to house their ideas and discussions so with some help from a friend they built a web platform and called it Reflection In Action. The goal of the website is for it to become a place where they can post their personal design experiments as well as encourage them to be proactive in exploring and developing their personal design interests and skills in a risk free zone.

The story of Reflection In Action from Reflection In Action on Vimeo.