There are a number of strands of literature, philosophy, journalism that are of interest and relevance to designers, researchers, artists, thinkers and makers of technologies.  Some readings are of practical relevance as common points-of-reference, still others serve to inspire, delight and challenge the ways in which we approach practice (including writing) in technology, art, creativity, science and the design of experience.

In order to help encourage the reading of, and dialogue around, specific key texts regularly hold meetings of the Read Aloud group.  The group meets intermittently in the early evenings at CIID.  These meet ups are intended to take advantage of the multiple and diverse interpretations and cross-referencing available to a collective reading of the text.

The intention of these sessions is to provide an entirely inclusive and open forum for different perspectives on the texts we take up. For the most part, we will read chapters and essays together and discuss, so it is not necessary to have read them prior to the meeting in order to participate. All are always welcome.

Scheduled readings:
– Wed April 30, 2014
– Wed June 11, 2014

Past readings themes:
Design and Craft, Ethics and Ecosystems, Product and Graphic Design, Interaction Design – A Bunch of Bills, Science & Technology Studies, Flusser on Design and Image, Literature / Phenomenology.