Film Night

Moving images are one of our culture’s most accessible ways to translate ideas. ‘Videos’ have come to form a kind of repository of ‘cultural consciousness’ that has resonances in all areas of life – professional, social, personal, creative.

CIID hosts a public Film Night gathering where we show and discuss moving image work of interest to designers, technologist, and creative practitioners. The group meets on scheduled evenings at CIID. Please add suggestions to the Film Night list.

Dates/times/screening (subject to change)

September 9th, 2014 – Gattaca

These screenings are intended to be no-brow events – movies of all kinds are welcomed: Documentaries, feature films, video-art, recorded talks, etc. – as long as good ideas are developed therein. For the most part, each evening there will be a short introduction prior to each screening, and a short discussion following. All are always welcome.