Current Projects

Research is activated through a number of foundational, largely collaborative activities. We are always interested to expand our current and upcoming roster of projects. Please contact Raffaella Rovida if you have ideas for upcoming projects, proposals and research activities. Please click into our active projects to the right for more information.

Research projects

Our grant and proposal writing collaborations keep us involved in a number of European and international consortium bids and projects. We are actively seeking partnerships for new projects of this kind. We have experience as partner and leader in Europe-wide consortium projects (e.g.: Horizon and Seventh Framework Programme, Erasmus Programme), technology-design efforts (e.g.: Europe’s Ambient Assisted Living projects) and associated ICT, networking and physical interaction research agendas.

Institutional Collaborations

CIID is interested in partnering towards workshop, conference, public event and publication oriented activity. We do this with local and international Universities, government agencies and other public and private organisations. We are connected to a number of academic and cultural entities, including current collaborations with the museums and libraries sector in Denmark, the Royal College of Art, the Hungarian University of Fine Art and Kolding School of Design.

Commercial Partnerships

Radically re-imagining an idea, process, product or service is often strengthened through high-level, in-depth research processes. Such processes allow new perspectives, approaches and prospects to emerge. CIID develops design and concept research methods, activities and portfolios for industry and commerce to expand thinking and invigorate innovation.