Finalist for the Intel ‘Make it Wearable’ challenge

Friday, 9th May 2014


The PosturAroma Necklace Reminds Women Walk Confidentily to Improve Safety

Congratulations to IDP Student Akarsh Sanghi on one of his previous projects being selected as a Finalist for the Intel ‘Make it Wearable’ challenge.

The PosturAroma Necklace increases a woman’s security by improving the wearer’s posture to ensure she walks more confidently, which supposedly lessens the chances of an attack.

Created by Akarsh Sanghi, Shinichiro Ito and Laura Mul from the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam, the PosturAroma Necklace is a response to MediaLAB Amsterdam’s recent challenge to develop an intervention that improves women’s safety in public spaces. It essentially squirts an unpleasant scent when it detects a downcast demeanor.