Open Lecture: Jen Sykes + Andreas Refsgaard

Tuesday, 2nd Apr 2019

Collaborating with Computers

In this joint Open Lecture Jen Sykes and Andreas Refsgaard will reflect upon their experiences as educators and creators when working with the computer as a creative partner. Focusing on the relationship between human and machine, the talk explores the poetic, random, error prone and often playful characteristics of this process. Taking tools often considered as means for functionality, they will discuss applying them to expressive outputs, opening up a dialogue around the materiality of computation within art and design.

Jen Sykes is a visual artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. Alongside her practice Jen is a Lecturer in Physical Computing and Interactive Prototyping at the Glasgow School of Art. Recent work includes commissions for the BBC, Glasgow International Visual Art Festival and the NeuraIPS Art AI exhibition, Montreal.

Andreas Refsgaard is an artist and creative coder based in Copenhagen. His works have been published in New Scientist, Vice, Gizmodo, PSFK and Designboom, awarded by Interaction Awards and Core77 and exhibited in museums and at festivals in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

When: Tues. April 2nd 2019, 17-18.

Where: CIID, Toldbodgade 37B, Ground Floor, 1253 Copenhagen K.

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