Open Lecture: James Tichenor and Joshua Walton

Tuesday, 19th Jun 2018

Design for Created Realities
What would design look like if we couldn’t distinguish between the physical and the digital? Does VR/AR/MR require a new design discipline? The Design of Created Realities will draw from classic design methods in a broad range of disciplines and blend it with new practices and strategies.
About James and Joshua:
As an interactions designer and educator Joshua Walton works primarily in reactive video, programmatic motion graphics, and interactive architecture. Joshua has worked with award winning museums, design firms, and interaction studios in New York and San Francisco. In 2000 he was part of a team that received a presidential teaching award for their work with at-risk youth in San Francisco. Joshua received his Masters degree from the Cranbrook Academy of Art where his work focused on non-linear narrative in new media.
An architect by training, James Tichenor returned to school in 2002 to receive a Masters in Design and Computation from the MIT School of Architecture. At MIT his research focused on the intersection of design, electronics and materials. Borrowing from the world of robotics James began building interactive prototypes to study his ideas first hand. His technology and electronics research continued at the Interaction Design Institute of Ivrea in Italy.
When: Tues. June 19th 2018, 17-18.

Where: CIID, Toldbodgade 37B, Ground Floor, 1253 Copenhagen K.

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