Open Lecture: Francesca Desmarais

Tuesday, 18th Jun 2019

Design, Climate Crisis, & The Rational Imagination
What do our futures look like? Between the dystopia of environmental collapse and the utopia of solar-fueled floating islands lies a vast range of (more meaningful) possibilities. Design can be a superpower to amplify global efforts towards these climate-resilient futures—translating key scientific information, creating early warning services, and prototyping new services in our changed world. CIID has been fusing design practices with climate principles, developing methods and mindsets to amplify the work of policy makers, scientists, businesses, and designers. The talk will share some of the stories we’re hearing and the practices we’ve been shaping.
Francesca Desmarais is an interaction design lead with CIID, currently venturing a focus on climate adaptation. Prior to becoming a designer she worked for a leading US think tank in low-carbon design, and pioneered a campaign to reduce the embodied carbon of building materials. She has an educational background in international political economy, and is an activist with Global Aktion on climate justice.
When: Tues. June 18th 2019, 17-18.

Where: CIID, Toldbodgade 37B, Ground Floor, 1253 Copenhagen K.

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