Open Lecture: David Sjunnesson

Tuesday, 12th Mar 2019

Thoughts on Data
Data is the buzzword of the century and has been labeled as the new oil. But what is it and more importantly how can it be used? In this talk, David will be musing about the implications of data on design and how we as designers can work with this material. He will pull from his experience at IDEO and hopes to facilitate an open discussion on the topic.


David Sjunnesson is a designer and maker working across industries. For 10+ years, he has helped build and elevate design thinking to an approach for problem-solving for all types of organizations, including startups, Fortune 100 companies, and non-profits. As Design Director at IDEO, he together with his teams, helps companies create new-to-the-world products and services, shape innovation capabilities, build brands, and rethinks how to work with data.

When: Tues. March 12th 2019, 17-18.

Where: CIID, Toldbodgade 37B, Ground Floor, 1253 Copenhagen K.

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