Nuria Solsona

Wednesday, 24th Aug 2016


The Role of Engagement in Designing City Services

Before solutions are designed organisations need to be aligned. In service development, especially in public services with complex ecosystems, all organisations involved need to first align towards the same goal: people. 

Nuria will present Livework case studies on city services that illustrate the importance of engaging stakeholders as part of the service development process. She will share examples, tools and methods that helped clients adopt a service design approach.

Nuria is a Senior service design consultant at the Livework service design consultancy. She is currently based in Helsinki, responsible of leading projects for Livework international clients. Her experience includes clients from a wide range of sectors such as BBC, Telefonica, London Underground or Thailand government.

She combines a creative perspective with a management approach garnered by studying for an MA in Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins in London which built on her background in design.

When: Fri, Wednesday August 24th – 5.00-6.00pm
Where: CIID Toldbodgade 37b Copenhagen, 1253 – Ground floor
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