Do you need help in taking care of your plants?

Plant Friend is an interactive flower pot to share a playful experience to engage with plants in everyday life. It is a playful friend to express different stimuli of a plant in a simple way of communication.

Plant Friend is designed to allow kids and adults to understand their plants’ simple needs and act upon it while having fun. Understanding how plants communicate is a difficult skill to master, however with Plant Friend, observing the condition of the plant is facilitated through physical movement from recognizable symbol arms. In this way nature and technology synergizes into a new character for people to engage with.

Plant Friend is designed for children, but empowers anyone to understand and grow plants. Through the use of simple sensors, moving arms with communicative icons and a flowerpot with soul and character, Plant Friend stretches across language barriers to make plants directly available to people without a PC screen, tablet or mobile phone. Plant Friend provides an experience of how responsibility and hard work can result in growth and joy.

Plant Friend helps children learn by doing. Build from simple durable wood and designed with great sense of aesthetics, Plant Friend fits into both playroom, designer kitchen or even in office space. Colored arms carrying symbols for heat, light and moisture gives nursing advises while bringing the plant to life and bringing life to the situation. Children can talked about their experiences with plants in a social circle.

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