Shu Yang Lin


Shu Yang graduated from CIID in 2013, and joins the CIID Nest with her final project, Griphint. She co-founded with Priyanka Kodikal to further develop the project together, bridging together her background in Human Computer Interaction and Tangible User Interface with Industrial Design to bring Griphint to market.

Prior to CIID, Shu Yang completed her Masters in Computer Science from National Taiwan University and an internship at the multi-disciplined Magic Labs in HTC, where she experienced the importance of teamwork and communication with people from different cultures and expertise. She came to CIID to broaden her horizon to design research and the practice of design.

Shu Yang believes understanding is the beginning of efficient communication, mutual trust, empathy and happiness. Her dream is to add colours in those stories and trigger a smile on the faces of storytellers.