We are aiming to raise 500,000 DKK as a starting point to enable and encourage future investment. Therefore, we are kindly asking for any contributions from you to help reach our goal by July 31st 2014.

We are looking for financial contributions to support the CIID Nest and build it into a self sustaining platform. CIID Nest has been successful in supporting 7 new startups since its launch in February 2014 but we would like to do more. This is a great chance for you to become part of a community supporting new ideas and entrepreneurial designers passionate about bringing their ideas to life!

Your Funding

By contributing you will become part of our wider CIID Nest community and get regular updates on project progression, key milestones, and be invited to join us at CIID Nest ‘Open Days’ to gather insights and connect with other contributors and members of the community. As a contributor you get to be part of the process, your funding will go towards:

  • Microfinancing people and projects and support for prototyping materials
  • Fund access to workspace, prototyping workshop, labs, and facilities in general
  • Access to experts and professionals as needed


  • Be part of a very exciting platform and network
  • Be kept informed on the progress of the CIID Nest and the specific projects
  • Be given the first right refusal to invest in specific projects
  • Have the chance to help select future projects accepted into the CIID Nest

Together with the help of our supporters, investors and enthusiasts we are committed to developing the CIID Nest into a self sustaining platform. Contributing to the CIID Nest is so much more than a donation of money, it’s supporting CIID’s ambition to invest in new ideas and to support entrepreneurs creating a lasting impact in the world.