Marcos Novak

Sunday, 9th Nov 2014


Interactive design is already accepted and understood. What comes after that? This lecture will discuss several future possibilities, using examples ranging from antiquity to the avant-garde. 

Marcos Novak is a pioneer in the field of transarchitectures, the fusion of actual and virtual architecture. He is an architect, artist, composer, and theorist who employs algorithmic techniques to design actual, virtual and hybrid intelligent environments. The self-described transarchitect is seeking to expand the definition of architecture by including electronic space, and originated the concept of liquid architectures in cyberspace and the study of a dematerialized architecture for the new, virtual public domain, the immersive virtual worlds. Marcos is professor at UCSB, where he directs the transLAB and is Vice Chair of MAT(Media Arts and Technology Program).

Copenhagen Institute Of Interaction Design ApS
37 Toldbodgade
1253 Copenhagen

When: 5-6pm – Mon, Nov 10th, 2014