Mads Damsbo

Wednesday, 29th Apr 2015


The Craft Of New Media Storytelling 

As a catalyst and producer of several media experiences, Mads has always been interested in the role of the user (formally known as the audience) and their interactions with stories. He believes that if content is king, then context is queen, and thus the medium that channels the story in some ways actually is the story.

Through various cases, like the virtual reality piece “The Doghouse” and the location- aware sound­sharing app “Recho”, he will explore some of the building blocks that are available for storytellers and experience designers in this new paradigm.

Copenhagen Institute Of Interaction Design ApS
37 Toldbodgade
1253 Copenhagen

When: Weds, April 29th – 5pm.

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With his company Makropol, Media Director Mads Damsbo is leading the charge amongst his contemporaries in the development of new transmedia experiences. Marshaling film producers and directors, interaction designers and game designers, artists and coders, Makropol is at the creative bleeding-edge in the development of new media experiences.

His experience in filmmaking and storytelling combined with a passion for new technology, art and design has spurred a handful of progressive projects, that all seek to challenge the way good stories come to life.

Although Mads has a rather wide reach with his body of work, it beats with the same pulse; first comes the core story, then there is any given medium. And interaction is not an option – it’s a premise.