CIID Lightning Talks & open lecture by Yasaman Sheri @UN City Copenhagen 2018 – week 5

Tuesday, 31st Jul 2018

CIID Lightning Talks & open lecture by Yasaman Sheri @UN City Copenhagen 2018 – week 5

For the last week of this year’s Summer School in Copenhagen, CIID combines the weekly Lightning Talks with an open lecture by Yasaman Sheri.

The first part of the evening will be comprised of a series of 7-minute long talks, demos, or opinion pieces by the Summer School faculty of the week, on a topic that they are passionate about.

For the second part of the event, Yasaman Sheri will give a 30-minute talk about Designing for the Invisible:

“Wifi, Smell, Microbes: they are the abstract invisible things we interact with on a daily basis yet we are rarely aware of their networked impact.

With technological advancements we have been able to push our human perception beyond the immediate world surrounding us to extend our senses. Cameras on satellites, sensors on self driving cars, proxy robotics are attempts at extending our biological limits to incorporate a larger field of view in sensing. What other senses will we be attuned to beyond vision, sound and proprioception? What is it like to design for scales that are outside of human perception and expand to the scales beyond us? Designing for the invisible asks us to consider the hidden things that affect us everyday and incorporate them in to our design practice.”

Tickets are free, but you need to book a ticket before 3:00pm on the day of the event (in the name that is in your passport), and you need to bring this ticket AND your passport to the door at the UN Building. Please come some time in advance, the security check may take a little time.

When: Tues. July 31st 2018, 17.30-19.00.

Where: UN City, Marmorvej 51, 2100 Copenhagen

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