Wednesday, 22nd Jun 2016



Cher, presented by Caitlin Blanchfield, Farzin Lotfi-Jam and Leah Meisterlin, is a digital platform that allows users to offer and reserve objects by the minute, whether in the home or public space. Community-driven and crowd-sourced, Cher identifies untapped opportunities within sharing-economy social platforms and the communities that comprise dynamic urban environments.

A kind of “cup of sugar” for the digital age, Cher connects city-dwellers to one another through the listing and sharing of domestic objects and local landmarks. Through workshops, walking tours, and interviews, the platform-building process amasses a rich taxonomy of a city’s object landscape and instigates conversations around social exchange and material culture. Initially developed for Copenhagen—a place with a storied culture of coziness and a population fluent in design—Cher will develop into a global platform after its launch at the 2016 Oslo Architecture Triennale, responding to the quirks, specificities, and needs of different urban populations. 

Through demos, discussion, and real-time chering, we’ll explore how sharing platforms generate object-based narratives and yield unpredictable interactions, revealing the complex economies of sharing.

When: Wednesday, June 22nd – 5.00-6.00pm
Where: CIID Toldbodgade 37b Copenhagen, 1253 – Ground floor
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