Kristina Grünenberg

Wednesday, 15th Oct 2014


‘Tales from the Ethnographic Cooking Pot’

The use of ethnography in the design processes has become increasingly more frequent over the past decades. However, what does the ethnographic tool-box provide the ethnographer with? What do these tools require of the ethnographer and which types of knowledge are produced through this type of research? Finally, how may these processes be of use in relation to processes of interaction design?

Against the backdrop of her own ethnographic research experiences and projects these are some of the questions that Kristina will address and discuss in her talk.

Kristina is an anthropologist/ethnographer from the University of Copenhagen and has a long track record of ethnographic research in various fields in and outside of Denmark. She holds a Masters from the Department of Anthropology, UCPH and a PhD from the Dept. of Sociology at UCPH. She is currently affiliated to the Dept. of Anthropology as an external lecturer.

Copenhagen Institute Of Interaction Design ApS
37 Toldbodgade
1253 Copenhagen

When: Weds, October 15th, 2014 – 5-6pm

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