Katrine Rau

Tuesday, 11th Aug 2015


Co-creating the Industrial Internet

The Industrial Internet is the Internet of BIG Things: windmills, oil-rigs, medical equipment, jet engines…These machines are starting to “talk.” As designers, it’s our job to help others understand what they’re saying. If we do our job right, we have an unprecedented, global opportunity to improve healthcare, increase transportation and energy efficiency, and eliminate waste across every major industry.

At GE, this opportunity is too complex for any one person or group to address. That’s why they are taking a very hands-on and collaborative approach to designing the Industrial Internet. Co-creation is a big part of how GE work.

In this talk, Katrine will explore the challenges inherent in designing for the Industrial Internet, and ways that GE use co-creation processes to pioneer design in this new frontier.

What is the Industrial Internet?
What unique challenges does GE face in designing in this space?
How are GE using co-creation with their customers?
How can designers have more influence in strategy for new products?

It’s one thing to incorporate service design methods into one-off projects; it’s a whole other thing to make service design an integral way of working within a massive corporation. At GE, they are doing just that – using service design to change the energy business from the inside out. Embracing service design as a way to increase collaboration and innovation.


Katrine Rau is a Senior UX Researcher at GE. She is passionate about seeing companies change from within and believes that taking a user-centric approach towards product and service creation can transform organisations.

This event is co-hosted by CIID and Service Design Network Denmark.

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When: Tuesday, August 11th – 5-6pm

Toldbodgade 37b
Copenhagen, 1253