Joshua Noble

Tuesday, 14th Jun 2016


The Uneasy Space Between Art and Design

So many of our creative practices span disciplines, discourses, markets and views of the world. What does this heterogeneity mean and why is it important both to our personal creative practices and to building creative cultures?

Joshua Noble is a designer and engineer working with at the intersection of code, design, and art, currently working at TEAGUE to create and prototype airplanes, automobiles, dressing rooms, alarm clocks, billboards, home appliances, airplanes, and alternate visions of the present and near-future.

He’s the author of 6 books on programming aimed at designers and artists, and teaches at the Interaction Design Program at CIID in Copenhagen Denmark.

When: Tue, June 14th – 5.00-6.00pm
Where: CIID Toldbodgade 37b Copenhagen, 1253 – Ground floor
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