Jacob Remin

Wednesday, 1st Mar 2017

Artist talk: Harvesting the Rare Earth


It is impossible to imagine our current modern society without rare earth elements. The electrochemical properties of rare earth elements are driving technology development in the 21st century: From lasers, over fiber optic cable to magnets, harddrives and screens. Our cloud based, digital existence is closely connected to the earth.

Jacob Remin presents his latest work and research with rare earth elements, through the two exhibitions “Cloud Computing” at DIAS Kunsthal and “Harvesting the Rare Earth” at Overgaden, Institut for Samtidskunst. “Harvesting the Rare Earth” is currently running, so it is possible to go to the exhibition venue and have a look before the talk. Overgaden is open from 13-17.

Jacob Remin is visual artist, trained engineer (DTU) and interaction designer (CIID). Through his talk, he will focus on the fertile cross section of art, design and technology, and how he has used story telling and speculative scenarios in his latest work.

When: Wed, Mar 1st, 2017, 5.30 PM.
Where: CIID, Ground Floor

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