IXDA Shortlist! – Camino del Perezoso (Sloth Path)

Monday, 28th Dec 2020

Camino del Perezoso (Sloth Path) from Interaction Design Association on Vimeo.

Congratulations to Herin Haramoto, Julian Jimsa, Sammy Creeger and Nina Shenoy – the designers of Camino del Perezoso (Sloth Path). Camino del Perezoso is a sustainable certification standard that connects museums, gastronomical hubs, small businesses and nature all together into a connected network of paths across the city for you to explore.

The concept was born out of the Interaction Design Programme 2020’s Service Design class which – taught by Ana Domb, Andrea Mignolo, Anna Hartley and Mariana Prieto – focussed on the topic of resilient tourism.

Vote for the project to get the IXDA’s People’s Choice Award.