INK is a digital tool that facilitates illustrators promoting their work on Social Media.


The research has been conducted initially with 17 individuals working in the field of visual arts, in order to identify how visual artists are currently promoting their work. After evaluation of the insights the focus has been narrowed down to illustrators. A co-creation session with first a paper prototype and later an interactive prototype in Axure RP shaped the Ink features and user flow.

Key findings:

  • Social Media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Behance are considered as channels for promotion as well as for communication to broad and more niche audiences.
  • Illustrators are overwhelmed by the amount of feedback Social Media provide and it’s hard to identify the more meaningful ones.
  • Illustrators are not able to easily keep track where their work has been featured or used without receiving credit.

Proposed Solution

Ink is a web based tool that leverages Social Media API to help illustrators curate their online presence more effectively and timesaving.

It allows its users to share their artworks on multiple platforms in just a few clicks. Ink lets them label a subset of their fans and followers as favourites and will send them a notification when a comment or appreciation is received.

By leveraging Google Image Search, Ink can report if user’s artwork has been featured or used without mentioning the author´s credit on any site.

Ink helps also illustrators find inspiration by listing relevant contests and workshops about illustration, and color pallets used by the artists followed on any social media.


Ink has been conceived as a standalone tool or an extension to an Online Portfolio service.
The tool could be easily adapted to the needs of music artists by using the information provided by platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube.

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