Hacking EU calls

Thursday, 29th Sep 2016

Laura Boffi together with Design to Innovate facilitated the workshop “Cross-sectoral project development: including designers in EU projects”  at the EU Design Days to showcase and explore the value of design in Horizon 2020 projects.

Laura presented how CIID Research infuses People Centred Design into EU funded projects through field examples from previous EU projects and highlighted bottlenecks preventing flexibility, creativity and people-centred approach.

After the presentation, Laura run a workshop to hack EU calls so that they would allow a truly people centred approach. Supported by the People Centred Design Research Cards, a new CIID Research tool that supports the application of people centred design methods in big research consortium, participants had the chance to destroy/rebuild/correct/cut some of the existing EU calls. The results were very promising: lots of ideas to renew how EU grants projects emerged and participants felt so empowered!

Surely, CIID Research is going to keep on building the People Centred Design Research Cards and repeating the EU calls rebuilding workshop in the next future!