Tobias Lau

Speaker: OPEN Lecture Series
Nationality: Danish

Tobias has a background in ethnology from the University of Copenhagen and a post-graduate from the Institute without Boundaries in Toronto.

Tobias worked for 3 years as a design strategist at the renowned Bruce Mau Design, where he among other co-wrote the book on sustainable design, Massive Change, published by Phaidon in 2004.

In Denmark, Tobias was research manager for the publication “Concept Design” which was published by FORA, an economic think tank under the Ministry of Business and Economic Affairs.

As head of the Social Action, Tobias and the rest of the team in Social Action works in the area between sustainability and user-driven innovation for firms and public institutions within the energy, agricultural and food sectors. Clients include LEGO, Samsung, Aarstiderne, The Ministry of Business and Economic Affairs and Biogasol.