Frugal Digital – Call for Proposals

Friday, 9th Dec 2011

New Deadline: 30th November 2011.

Frugal Digital is a research group at CIID that focuses on researching methods and practices around creating digital solutions in low resource settings like that of developing economies.

We work on projects to set the framework, create tools and provide inspiration for frugal innovators around the globe.

Frugality is a way of thinking that optimises given resources, up-cycles and has the spirit of improvisation. We rarely see such an ethos in the digital realm where creating the next generation of products and services are about consuming and costing more. How do we apply frugality to digital life and create solutions that are inexpensive, adaptable, re-purposes or uses available resources and creates valuable knowledge along with new solutions?

The main functions of the group are:
Research new methods and processes
Create inspiration projects
Work with grassroot innovators and academia
Document examples and create case studies


We are inviting proposals to create interesting case studies of social impact using digital technologies. You may propose to work in any of the following areas, addressing a specific issue within them. The proposed work could result in a product system or service idea.

Primary healthcare
Energy conservation

Proposals can be submitted as individuals or multidisciplinary teams from companies, organisations and academic institutions. You must state the geographical location(s) of your project and proposed user groups. Your project must include contextual research and understanding, analysing potential design areas, prototyping and user testing, creating economic models of sustaining the solution, identifying implemention partners and a scheme for

Your proposal must include:
1. Abstract in not more than 200 words.
2. People / Team
3. A project time plan
2. Detailed financial proposal for research and
3. Documentation plan, specifying formats of
documentation you would be using like photography,
filming, writing etc.

CIID will evaluate your proposal based on the scale of impact and the value that digital media brings to your project ideas. During our collaboration we will also support you with any skills and design and technological inputs that you may need to test the idea.

We do not fund projects directly. However, CIID will organise prototyping workshops, access to our amazing workshops and mentoring from our faculty and experts who work with us.

Mail your proposals and queries to info (@)

To find out more about the Frigal Digital project please visit: